Call for Proposal for Special-Topic session

General description
The primary goal of a Special-Topic session is to succinctly introduce a debate on controversial questions in the field of neurofeedback research. The time allotted for each session is 60min (including discussion with the audience). In the current conference programme, there are four-time slots reserved for Special-Topic sessions.

Special-Topic Proposal Guidelines

  • Formatting: 1-2 A4 pages, font size: 12 point, 1” margins
  • Please include the following information:
    ◦    An informative title for Special-Topic session
    ◦    Information of submitter heading the Special-Topic session (name, position, institution, email address)
    ◦    Main (controversial) question(s) to be answered in the Special-Topic session
    ◦    The general importance of answers to the question(s) for neurofeedback researchers
    ◦    Is there sufficient literature to support different sides of the debate?
    ◦    Information on the proposed schedule and speakers (at least 2 speakers are required)

Deadline: July 31st 2019